Pic of POTTSY by Kim Symonds.

POTTSY rides the MASS DESTRUCTION in PU construction.


Hi, my name is POTTSY and I live on the Gold Coast.

I’ve been surfing since I was 4 years old.

I was born on 21 November 2006.

I’m a natural footer.

My magic stick is the MASS DESTRUCTION.

My training ground is Duranbah.

My favourite surf break is Keramas, Bali.

My favourite manoeuvres are airs & barrels.

My favourite food is sushi.

My favourite past time is Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

The most important person in my life is my family.

My philosophy on life is ‘Make Every Day Count‘.

I couldn’t live without surfing.

My inspirations are Mick Fanning and my Dad.

My career highlights include:

  • Semifinalist, 2022 QLD Woolworths Junior & Grommet State Titles, 18&U;
  • 1st, 2019 South Coast School Team Member, U16;
  • 3rd, 2019 QLD State Grommet Titles R2, U14;
  • 4th Overall, 2019 QLD State Grommet Titles, U14;
  • 7th, 2019 National Surfing Titles, U14 ;
  • 5th, 2019 Woolworths QLD State Grommet Surfing Titles Series, U14;
  • 4th, 2018 Snapper Rocks Surfriders Club, 12U;
  • 4th, 2018 Critter Comp;
  • 2017 Sean Fanning & Joel Green Memorial Trophy, Kirra Surfriders;
  • 1st, 2017 Cadets division, Kirra Surfriders, 13U;
  • 2nd, 2017 Miami High School Surf Invitational, 15U;
  • 1st, 2017 Willsy’s X Groms, 12U;
  • 2nd, 2017 Bede Grom Shootout, 12U;
  • 5th, 2017 Overall Qld State Titles, 12U;
  • 1st, 2016 Groms Division, Kirra Surfriders, 13U;
  • 3rd, 2016 Critter Comp, 12U;
  • 1st, 2015 Groms Division, Kirra Surfriders, 13U.


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