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Our 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY technology was the 1st composite stringer tech surfboard to WIN a WSL event.


We offer our 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY technology on every 1-DA board under 6’ 8”, excluding our Little Warrior (mini mal) model.


We also offer our STANDARD EPOXY technology across all 1-DA models.


See below for full details of our current epoxy range.



We offer the below EPOXY options. See individual model pages for pricing and to order.


Our 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY technology is the 1st composite stringer tech surfboard to WIN a WSL event!

EPS foam with special stringer, epoxy glassing, bottom stringer strip and tail patch. We use a special light composite stringer designed specifically for structures subjected to slamming and shock loads. The stringer’s composite material includes characteristics such as low water absorption, superior damage tolerance and excellent fatigue properties enhancing the surfboard’s flex.

Available across all 1-DA boards under 6’ 8”, excluding our Little Warrior (mini mal) model.

Grom Models – Mass Destruction | The Cub
Pro Models – J-Force | The Elite
All Rounder – The Multi
Big Boy – Big J
Hybrid – Buzzinga | Hypo | Shuriken | The Cheater
Twin Fin – Dub T | Fish
Single Fin – Free Soul
Gun – Semi Gun



EPS foam with wooden stringer and epoxy glassing.

Available across all 1-DA models.

Grom Models – Mass Destruction | The Cub
Pro Models – J-Force | The Elite
All Rounder – The Multi
Big Boy – Big J
Hybrid – Buzzinga | Hypo | Shuriken | The Cheater
Twin Fin – Dub T | Fish
Single Fin – Free Soul
Gun – Semi Gun | Gun
Mini Mal – Little Warrior
Longboard – Mistress | The Classic


16 reviews for EPOXY

  1. Rick W

    My 6’0” 1-DA ELITE in epoxy technology is the only board I’ve been riding since I got it about 6 months ago. Goes well in all waves from barrels to the beaches and points. I chose your business because it’s fast becoming the board of choice in Taranaki, with some of the top local surfers riding them so had to try one for myself and loved it after feeling it out. The boards I have (I have 3 1-DA’s in the quiver now) are going really well and I like how Gavin is available to discuss options and make adjustments to the boards to suit my surfing. I will definitely be sticking to the 1-DA’s going forward. I like that I know I can just grab that 1 board, head to the beach and it’s going to perform.

  2. Binty

    I picked up a 2nd hand epoxy Shuriken a few weeks ago from Beach St Surf Shop NZ. It’s actually Chip’s (shop owner) old board. It’s a 5′ 10″ stock dims and honestly it’s one of the best boards I’ve ever ridden. I haven’t had a bad surf on it yet! Fast, responsive but yet really forgiving. I’ll be ordering exactly the same when I’ve thrashed this one to bits. Shot Gav!

  3. Derek Moffat

    I heard about Gavin on the “Surf Mastery” Podcast and then I did a bit of research of my own and there was a lot of positive feedback around his shaping. I was looking to get a couple of new boards so I got in touch with him via email. We arranged a time to chat on the phone so he could get a feel for where my surfing was at and what would be the best fit. My kids love the surf, especially the small summer days, so I wanted a board that would perform in small, knee to waist high, conditions. Gav tuned in on what I needed and he suggested a custom CHEATER. I am stoked with the result. Super easy to pick up small waves, rides through mushy sections, plenty of pop and speed from the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY construction and at 5’7″ it’s perfect for small waves manoeuvres. This board has quickly become a favourite as it means I can have still fun in trying conditions without resorting to a longboard. The customer service from Gav and Nikki was next level, they are great to deal with and they went the extra mile on every aspect. Thanks 1-DA team!

  4. Mike

    Best board ever mate…. you’re a legend!

  5. Shaun Coffey

    4.5 actually – Having recently received my first 1-DA (MULTI), I was keen to see how it would go here and abroad. Well it hasn’t disappointed. The flex is obvious and you can literally feel it loading up on a wave as you push off the bottom (like an accelerator in a V8) then pivot… boom! It releases really nice off the top… spicy… almost a little too spicy on some sections which can make your average surfing look somewhat radical. Rail to rail transition is super smooth on point breaks and the board just feels really lively. I would recommend the Multi to anyone who wants a good all-rounder that has some squirt (in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy technology). I would probably also get this model in a Standard construction as well, a little heavier for those windy Taranaki days and even go a couple inches longer… I rode this board in the Naki and on a recent Mentawais trip and it felt great under foot straight away. Great work Gav 😉 That board shape is dialled in just right.

  6. Fabiano

    I wanted to have a super high performance board in my quiver and I wanted it to be light so I ordered an ELITE model in 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY construction. It took me a few surfs to really get it and then it was on. It’s smooth and fast down the line and I like the way it wants to keep turning when on rail. In the right conditions (good waves, not too big, not too small) my ELITE 5’ 10” is the most exciting board ever, the super light epoxy construction and sharp high performance shape got me addicted to this board. Outstanding on quality peaky beachies like Straddie and Dbah. Thanks Gav for another board that really works!

  7. Tully Portus Keen

    Recently I got a 6′ 0″ MASS DESTRUCTION in the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY and I can honestly say I have never ridden a better board in my life!! I would definitely recommend this board for any other surfer who is considering buying one as it is by far the fastest, lightest and most satisfying board I have ever ridden! I would highly recommend consulting with Gavin before ordering yourself a 1-DA as I can not describe how helpful he has been in helping me find the perfect boards to suit my style of surfing. Thank you so much Gavin and Nikki 😄

  8. 1-DA Grom, Scotty Arderne

    I love my Mass Destruction in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy! It’s so light. I don’t have to put effort into turning the board, I can just concentrate on the turn.

  9. Chez

    My new 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy goes really fast and is the ultimate board in small and clean waves. It is very zappy and you can project lots of speed out of the lip.

  10. 1-DA Grom, Matty Boyle

    My epoxy (MASS DESTRUCTION model in the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY tech) goes so sick, it’s so much fun in the small and choppy surf, it’s so easy to gain speed on small waves.

  11. 1-DA Grom, Josh Boyle

    Since being on the new model MASS DESTRUCTION (in the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY tech), I have achieved some great results with my competition surfing. The board has helped me get more vertical in turns, and create some great lines with an amazing rail outline. It also allows me to make sections that any normal board doesn’t. This board gives me confidence in any type of surf.

  12. Jay Robbo

    This is the second lot of custom CUB boards that Gav and Nikki have hooked me up with and the first time I’ve tried the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY. I’m loving how light they are and the speed generated down the line. They can help bring out the best in your ability and look sick too. I’ll be back for more once I’ve out grown these sticks. Thanks heaps.

  13. Darren

    Best board I have ridden (DUB T in the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY tech) … and I have had a few. The 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY is awesome. Using Al Merrick FCS 2 twin fins with stabiliser. Board is loose but in control … riding a 5′ 9” with 5′ 10” dims. Sign of a good board is when it glides in early … which this does. Great board.

  14. Dennis

    When I discussed with Gav what I wanted in my new board, I told him I wanted a board that felt familiar but would let me get more out of my performance … and that’s exactly how my new SHURIKEN in the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY tech feels. It suits my style and I can already feel the board letting me push harder than my previous boards. After being out of the water for almost a year, I’m hanging to surf this board as much as I can. Thanks guys.

  15. 1-DA Team Rider J-ROD

    The 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY has ramped up my performance for sure. Being a big fan of the ELITE model, I found it hard to get off this even when the waves were soft and small. And if I did change models, I would get more speed however I couldn’t surf in the pocket as well. Going EPOXY on my ELITEs has opened up a whole new world. The flex pattern in them gives them a whole new feel and vibrancy that I can’t explain. Basically I can surf my EPOXY ELITE with more speed than ever in full grovel surf and I can surf it in pumping surf and it goes equally as well! My surfing has got faster, more flow and I’m loading up my bottom turns and rail turns more which equals more speed coming out of them into the next turn. I’ve got some of my friends on Gavin’s EPOXY boards too and they are super stoked on the extra performance!

  16. Dale Staples, South African QS Surfer

    The SHURIKEN is going really good, especially in the small conditions with the EPOXY! It fits in those small pockets and just floats through the flat sections.

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