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Boards can be shaped to order. Simply get in touch to discuss your requirements. See below for full details.



Boards can be shaped to order.

We offer a FREE Private Consultation with our World-Class Shaper GAVIN UPSON to discuss your custom board requirements.

Appointments can be attended:

  • in person at our Tweed Heads premises; or
  • by Facebook Video Chat; or
  • by Telephone.

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47 reviews for CUSTOM

  1. Ollie

    Hey Nikki and Gav
    Thanks for the awesome board!
    I’ve been riding my 5’6 MASS DESTRUCTION for about a month now and can say it is definitely one of the best boards I’ve had under my feet.
    The board is very responsive and holds its speed through every turn. Such a good all round board providing very high performance in big and small waves. It was super helpful having a consultation with Gav as he was very helpful in finding the perfect dimensions right for me.
    Chasing barrels, smashing lips,

  2. Taite Richards

    This board (MASS DESTRUCTION) is amazing and super fast. I love riding it. Easy to catch waves and to do tricks. So much fun to ride. Thank you so much. I love the board. It has been the best board.

  3. Evie Roth

    I love my CUB! First competition of the year with Snapper Board Riders and my Cub performed!!! Thank you Gav and Nikki 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  4. Ollie McL

    I’m so stoked to finally have my very first custom board. Thanks so much mum and dad 🤩 and Gav from @1_da_shapes for shaping the best board ever! It rides so smooth and fast and is so easy for me to turn. Had to race to rainbow first thing this morning to test it out before heading off to see the family 🤪 Got a good one with some sick turns and a nice snap! No better way to start Christmas Day 🎄 I hope everyone has a great day, get out and enjoy those perfect waves 🌊 👌

  5. Craig

    Thanks 1-DA Shapes for the new ELITE. After getting my Buzzinga model a year ago from Gav for small waves, I couldn’t wait to start my new quiver with 1-DA boards. The Elite is perfect to take my pocket surfing to the next level. Both times Gav has shaped exactly what I was looking for in a board and both times the board has exceeded my expectations. It’s so good to talk to your shaper and get that personal touch, plus support a great local shaper who knows his craft.

    I look forward to my next board guys. Thank you so much Gav & Nikki.

  6. Adam

    Once again Gav has produced another magic board. This is now my fourth custom board from Gav and he hasn’t disappointed me yet.

    This time we went with a 6’3 MULTI at 35L. I usually ride boards around the 32-33L mark and felt I needed some more volume and length as not feeling as fit as usual.

    I lucked out and scored fun peaky 4ft beachies on the first surf with the board. It handled things brilliantly tucking into a few thick barrels it held its line and had the speed to burn.

    The squash tail helped me to surf right in the pocket and hit some tighter turns. Its a great feeling board and looking forward to getting more time on it over the summer months.

    This board could handle small beachies or big point break waves and if you can only have 1 board in your quiver this will cover you for all conditions.

    This is the board you want in your car ready to go anytime.


  7. James

    I’m so happy with my custom Little Warrior, with Gavs wisdom we were able to make a few modifications to the stock model to suit my needs. It can be set up as a single fin or a tri fin and is super fun both ways. It is really cruisy on the smaller days when set up as a single fin. It flies when set up as a tri fin and easily gets through the flat and fat sections of waves. Totally recommend to anyone.

  8. Josh

    My Dub T model (customised with 5 fin set up) is a really fun board, super-fast and loose but also can hold on a good carv and has heaps of drive of the bottom.

  9. Mos

    The board (Mass Destruction) felt so good from the beginning and it was sick to finally ride a fresh board as all my other boards have been second hand. My mate had a 1-DA and I thought it rode really nice and sharp so I decided to order one. The board is really fast and easy to pick up speed from the take off. It turns fast and sharp and my surfing has improved since I got the board a couple months ago. My snaps have improved and my turns in general feel much more stable and secure. Gav was very helpful when ordering the board and recommended going up from my last board a 5’5 to a 5’6. This decision was perfect and I’m happy I went along with it. When I creased the nose in the first week 1-DA was very efficient and got the board back to me good as new in no time.

    Thanks Gav and the whole 1-DA team and I will definitely consider sticking with these boards. They go sick.

  10. Stormn

    Loving my BIG J. One of the best boards I’ve ever ridden. Gav was fantastic on the phone, genuinely interested and keen to get something to work for me. I’m 46 and not small at 6’6 and 110kg “on a good day”. Still not ready to give up the short board and if anything riding this has given me the motivation to shed some more kilos and no doubt surf even better on this board. Thank you guys for a top product and for making my surfing enjoyable again.

  11. Fabiano

    Our baby was born 7 months ago and as a result I became 5 kg heavier and a little unfit. I found myself struggling to catch waves specially at the points due to currents and crowds. Also for years I’ve been observing guys with “fish type” boards getting more than their fair share in those conditions.

    I was very specific with this order. I wanted paddle power more than anything. Something flat, wider and packing several litres more than my standard boards but hopefully still able to perform. The initial idea was riding this board only on mid size swells at crowded points.

    After talking to Gav for a bit we decided on the HYPO model, with some subtle changes.

    When I picked it up, to my surprise, it felt way more refined, like “sharper” than I imagined it would be.

    To put in a few words, since I picked it up in February, I haven’t touched any other surfboard. From small days at my local banks to pumping dbah and straddie it goes amazingly well and I’m yet to surf a good day at the points.

    It’s easy to surf it. The paddle power is addictive. Catching more waves, getting in early, the extra speed and flow, the surprisingly good performance when put on rail, how good it is in the barrel… it all adds up to a much more fun surf on most conditions.

    It may not be as wiggly and whippy as a standard high performance shape but the overall fun factor cannot matched by any other board I’ve ever had.

    If someone is after super paddle power, overall performance and fun on 2 – 5ft+ surf, this should be the number one option.

  12. Adam Rees

    Recently had a custom HYPO (6’0 x 20 1/2 x 2 9/16) model made by Gav. It goes SOOO well, absolutely love it. I have had a few boards made by Gav now and the process is so smooth and easy, cannot fault it. Works in the small stuff due to the volume and rounder outline, but wow its been holding up in some of the bigger swell I’ve ridden too.

    This board is fast and easily makes sections.

    If you only need one board in your quiver, this could definitely be it.

    Looking forwarded to surfing it more.

  13. Abbey

    The FISH is a great type of twin fin for fun in small to medium waves. It is extremely easy to paddle into waves and holds the rail very easily. It is a fast board that with the width is very forgiving for pop ups and not digging the nose. It’s a great board to bring variation in amongst my other high-performance boards. This is my 5th custom board from Gav and once again he has exceeded expectations with his time spent listening to what I wanted and ensuring it was the perfect board for me.

  14. Mandy

    Superdupa happy with my first custom PU CUB; 5’ 7” x 18 1/2” x 2 1/8, 23.37L. I’ve had it for 3 months now. I can paddle into waves early, it’s fast, easy to turn and duck dive. 1-DA Shapes were able sort out a custom Inlayz that looks super sick. Gav nailed it with shaping a board for my height, weight and ability. My surfing is progressing so much quicker now. Thank you so much Gav and Nikki at 1-DA Shapes.

  15. Georgia

    Love my new board (THE CUB). It’s great. This is my first custom board. I did my first snap and it’s easy to turn. It’s easier for me to learn on and get better. Thanks Gavin.

  16. Brent

    I couldn’t speak more highly of the boards I’ve gotten from 1-DA; not to mention the excellent experience of dealing with Nikki and of course Gav himself.

    My first order was a BIG J, as I was looking for a slightly more performance shape, but one that was still forgiving for a tall weekend warrior. It’s a joy, being both super responsive yet easy to get up and going on. After our chat, Gav tweaked the design, widened up the nose, so it better suited me.

    Next cab off the rank was a CHEATER. This little thing is so fast and fun when there’s less push in the surf. I was trying to order a longer version of the board, but Gav guided me towards something shorter, instead pumping up the volume. I’m very glad he did, because the result is a fast, nimble, and ‘squirty’ board that makes smaller days a blast.

  17. Jim Cocks

    Just had my surf trip, got skunked by the weather a bit but still scored some pretty nice waves.
    I took my board (BIG J) out for a test drive in a fun left hander, around 4ft and a pretty fun but mellow wave. Just wanted to feel how it felt under foot. Good news – it went unreal! The paddle power is exceptional, the rails spot on – didn’t catch or grab a rail at all on any turns on my backhand. Really responsive and the tail shape allowed me to get nice and tight in the pocket even on the smaller waves. This was great as I was pretty knackered after surfing all day on my short board and wanted a cruisier surf and it was the perfect board for that.
    I actually surfed it as a quad which probably wasn’t hollow enough for that set up but the glide I got through high line top turns was great. I was able to crank my turns out a bit wider and rebound really nicely off the white water and into the next turn which I often lose momentum on with my short board. Feedback from my mates was that it slowed my surfing down and suited my surfing style really well, and looked really good under foot. So I am stoked Gav. Didn’t get to surf it in hollow pumping waves yet but have every confidence it will be unreal.

  18. Sebby

    Just grabbed a 5′ 8″ HYPO from Gav and it is freakin’ sick! We made a few subtle changes to the volume distribution to suit my surfing and even added the option for a single fin box to it for those cruisy point runners. The board is super fast, forgiving on the takeoff for a Hybrid, good in the pocket and great to lay into full turns. I am stoked on the board and the chats with Gav on refining it for me. My Buzzinga can now have a day off!

  19. 1-DA Team Rider J-ROD

    My first big surprise was the hidden volume in my 7′ 6” GUN model. My 5′ 10”s for example are around 25L (I’m only 62kg). My 7′ 6” is 35L! And to be fair, it looks like quite a refined weapon, and my friends comment the same kind of thing also. Having 35L on a bigger wave board is amazing for me. It allows the board to get enough momentum when paddling to catch some solid waves. I’ve surfed it at solid Sunset Beach in Hawaii, and also some really solid days at a big wave spot at home in Taranaki. Performance-wise it’s certainly easy enough to turn for a 7′ 6”, carries good speed, ploughs through bumpy stuff nicely, and it has withstood some heavy beatings and big sets on the head. Very happy with it, and look forward to getting a couple more 1-DA GUNS in the future to add to the quiver. Gavin made my last Hawaii quiver, and I’m confident on his equipment at home and abroad.

  20. Fabiano

    I decided to leave my 5’ 9” Shuriken in Brazil as it performed even better on flatter bottom waves and also not having to take a board when I head over there on holidays. After talking to Gav, I decided to order a MULTI model as a substitute, for that little extra performance on small waves around the Gold Coast and NNSW area. After a couple of surfs trying different fins, I found the right set up and I’m extremely happy with this board. I like how it fits in the pocket and goes vertical quick and easy, and at the same time the outline and overall design gives you that little extra speed when riding weaker waves. It’s not a hybrid, definitely a very forgiving high performance board for anything from dumping 1ft to overhead high waves.

  21. Fabiano

    I wanted to have a super high performance board in my quiver and I wanted it to be light so I ordered an ELITE model in 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY construction. It took me a few surfs to really get it and then it was on. It’s smooth and fast down the line and I like the way it wants to keep turning when on rail. In the right conditions (good waves, not too big, not too small) my ELITE 5’ 10” is the most exciting board ever, the super light epoxy construction and sharp high performance shape got me addicted to this board. Outstanding on quality peaky beachies like Straddie and Dbah. Thanks Gav for another board that really works!

  22. Tom Lamshed

    Gav made a weapon of a board that has progressed my surfing (THE CHEATER). Will definitely be adding another 1-DA shape to my quiver soon. Customer service and communication from Nikki was first class. Don’t buy a mass produced board off the rack when you can have one custom made for you by a company that cares!

  23. Jace Robinson

    Hey, my name is Jace Robinson, I am 12 and I surf for Palm Beach Boardriders.

    I was surfing a 4’ 9” performance board with a volume of 15.8 Litres and I loved the board. I also have another board of 5’ 0” and 18 Litres and it felt really big and I hated surfing it.

    A few months ago, I surfed one of my mate’s boards and it was shaped by 1-DA. The board was sick to ride so I said to my dad I wanted one next time.

    So a month later, Dad arranged for me to meet with Gavin from 1-DA. Gav was very supportive and listened to what I wanted, but there was one size he had in mind that he thought would be amazing for how my surfing was. The size that he had in mind was a MASS DESTRUCTION 4’ 11”, with a volume of 17.02 Litres, which is bigger than I wanted and it was in between sizes of both my boards.

    I am so glad he told me to get this size, as it is the best board I’ve ever ridden. It’s so epic to turn and it has improved my surfing so much.

    Thank you Gavin and 1-DA for my board, and I will definitely be back for more.

  24. Drew

    I am generally not a big talker, however I can’t help but talk up my BIG J 6’ 5” and CLASSIC 9’ 4” surfboards. So much fun. If only there was more time in the week to ride them.
    Gav’s advice with respect to board size and shape has definitely improved my surfing.

  25. Tully Portus Keen

    Recently I got a 6′ 0″ MASS DESTRUCTION in the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY and I can honestly say I have never ridden a better board in my life!! I would definitely recommend this board for any other surfer who is considering buying one as it is by far the fastest, lightest and most satisfying board I have ever ridden! I would highly recommend consulting with Gavin before ordering yourself a 1-DA as I can not describe how helpful he has been in helping me find the perfect boards to suit my style of surfing. Thank you so much Gavin and Nikki 😄

  26. Tony Wilkinson

    My son has had Gav shape his last 3 boards and loves the feel and performance so I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about!
    After soaking up an hour of Gav and Nikki’s time talking about all things surfing and what I was after in a board, I walked away eager to try out the new weapon once completed.
    I went with the DUB T twin fin. I was a bit suss on the lack of length (5′ 11”) as I’m 6 foot and a few kgs heavier than 30 years ago but Gav assured me it will be the goods.
    100% The Goods! My first time out on the board and I was sold! It’s super easy to paddle , easy to pick off waves with more time to set up the bottom turns and so quick down the line. And for the size, it’s extremely stable yet loose when you want it to be.
    All in all the most fun in any conditions for me, which is why I’m hooked.
    Thanks Team 1-DA for the custom and the time you guys spend with Sam and myself!
    One happy guy.

  27. Cloe (Rox)

    My Dad and I were looking on websites for a new custom board manufacturer and found the 1-DA website. After reading Gav’s web page, we were impressed with all of the information and his knowledge. I ordered my first custom board (CUB) 5′ 6″ model and the ordering process was very easy and simple. I am extremely happy with the board’s performance. My surfing has improved and now I have a lot more speed throughout my turns. They also did a great spray job on my custom art work. This board is sick and now my brother wants to order one.

  28. Adam Rees

    Custom CHEATER 5’ 11″ x 20 3/4” x 2 5/8” Diamond Tail, FCSII 5 fin setup, 35.69L

    Only a few weeks after meeting with Gav and ordering my first board, I ordered my second. I was so happy with how everything went that I was confident he would deliver the goods. 

    After buying a performance J-Force, I decided to go with The Cheater model after Gav’s advice that it should be the go-to board in my quiver for smaller conditions at home. We set it up to be ridden as a quad or thruster and it works great both ways. This board is so fast and responsive, and like the name says it definitely gets you onto ways quicker and easier than most in the smaller mushy stuff, however it can also handle fast barrelling beach breaks like Dbah with ease. Even when the surf gets bigger, this little board can handle itself. The board also paddles like a dream. 

    Definitely a board that should be in your quiver as the go-to small wave board that can handle itself in medium size stuff.

  29. Adam Rees

    Custom J-FORCE 6’ 2″ x 19 3/8″ x 2 9/16” Round tail, FCSII 5 fin setup, 31L

    I came to Gavin after riding well known-brand standard stock off the shelf boards at surf shops. I was looking for that little bit extra and more defined board that suited me better for overseas in high performance waves but something that could also handle normal days at home. Gav’s knowledge of what I required just from a face to face chat and looking at the boards I was currently riding was great and it didn’t take long for us to agree on what we would go with. 

    From the moment I contacted Gav and Nikki, the process was a breeze. They are so friendly and easy to get along with and I enjoyed the personal easy going approach to choosing what type of board we would go with.

    The board took no time at all to be made and I was shocked to get the call so quickly that my board was ready. The first time I picked up the board it felt amazing, and it felt even better on its first surf and all surfs ever since. 

    I am loving this board and my surfing has gone to new levels with it under my feet. My turns are crisper and the speed I could get in fast barrelling reef breaks in Indo was exactly what I was looking for. 

    Cant wait to get my next one.

  30. Sam Wilkinson

    After having Gav shape my last two Cubs, I now ride my new performance MASS DESTRUCTION which Gav shaped for me.
    Dad and I went to Gav again (1-DA) for my 3rd custom as Gav spends the time with me to sus out what will suit my ability.
    The MASS DESTRUCTION is easy to manoeuvre and I am constantly completing more critical turns. I also find it fast which helps my get down the line!!
    Thanks for the great board Gav and Nikki.

  31. Fabiano

    I wanted something fun but still high performance to surf 2 – 3ft waves everywhere. The SHURIKEN paddles around well and catches waves like a summer groveler but has a more standard rocker, nose and somewhat pulled in tail. It moves and holds more like a high performance board but you don’t have to pump too much to get speed. I went an extra litre in volume and it’s perfect. Still haven’t managed to bog rail on it J. Smooth down the line and precise tight turns on the pocket. Strong construction. If this board breaks or gets stolen today, I would re-order the exact same thing tomorrow.

  32. 1-DA Team Rider J-ROD

    I’ve had many boards around the 6’6 range over the years, as it’s a real go-to board for G-Land where I’ve spent a lot of time, and numerous other solid Indo spots. Not to mention Hawaii on a medium sized day. I’ve never clicked perfectly with them. Usually they have some positives as well as drawbacks … i.e. go great in the barrel but struggle to do performance turns. It wasn’t until I got my first SEMI GUN off 1-DA that it finally happened. Gav made me a 6′ 6” and the thing is like an extension of my shortboards. The flow of the board, paddle power, barrel riding, manoeuvrability and general feel under my feet is amazing. The SEMI GUN will not fail to disappoint!

  33. John

    I have surfed the board (MISTRESS) about 6 times now, in shit surf, good Snapper and good conditions at the Alley. Love the board. It has really good release through the tail. Still feeling it out, but very impressed. Thank you for being so in tune with your passion.

  34. Garry Farrell

    The 1-DA CLASSIC, what a great addition to my longboard quiver! It nose rides for ever and handles like a dream, with those smooth lines and the custom pintail, it’s loose and snappy! A CLASSIC point break longboard.

  35. Natasha Gouldsbury, 12yo grommet, Levin, New Zealand

    Thanks heaps for my round tail CUB, it goes sooo good. It’s really easy to paddle and I’m catching so many more waves and able the get on the wave super early. I’m loving the speed through my turns and the speed out of my turns, it’s crazy.
    It feels nice and stable under my feet and really responsive with heaps of control, I can put it where I want to. I’ve been riding it in 1ft onshore beach breaks though to 5ft offshore points, so much fun.
    The glassing is really strong and with my custom spray, looks epic too.
    Gavin and Nikki are really easy to talk to and are so helpful. I’m super stoked to be riding a 1-DA Shapes surfboard and would highly recommend 1-DA to anyone.

  36. Jay Robbo

    This is the second lot of custom CUB boards that Gav and Nikki have hooked me up with and the first time I’ve tried the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY. I’m loving how light they are and the speed generated down the line. They can help bring out the best in your ability and look sick too. I’ll be back for more once I’ve out grown these sticks. Thanks heaps.

  37. Jack

    My 5′ 3″ custom ELITE board goes really well. Super fast and responsive. Been getting some sick waves lately, from up north at Gnaraloo and around Perth. It goes sick. Can’t fault it so far and I’ve ridden it in a variety of waves thus far from 4 foot plus reef breaks down to a 1 foot beach break grovel. I like the low boxy rail and continuous gradual rocker with its kind of “low key” tail rocker giving it a loose but driving feeling off the bottom with responsiveness off the top. I ride the Elite with small future fins model JJF which I think is a great combo. I would be happy to recommend this board to anyone chasing a new board.

  38. Drew

    From start to finish, dealing with Nikki and the team from 1-DA has been a great experience. They were professional and thorough when it came to creating the perfect custom board for my son. He absolutely loves his CUB 5’ 4” and I would highly recommend anyone wanting a custom made board to go see these guys. Thanks heaps again for making Phoenix one happy kid!

  39. Lochie

    My custom CUB is going amazing. On small waves I can generate speed and on the bigger sets I drive down the line easy. The design is awesome. I LOVE IT!!!

  40. Jude Stevens

    Loving my custom J-FORCE! I’ve had it for a few months now and my surfing is finally progressing to that next level. I expected the board to be fast but I didn’t expect it to also be so stable. I have so much more control than I’ve ever had before while keeping heaps of speed! Gavin was also really easy to communicate with and I could tell he really cared about making a board that was perfect for me. Thanks Gav.

  41. Charli (11yo)

    Thanks Gav for my first custom 1-DA CUB. It was the best Christmas present ever! I liked how you wanted to know how I surfed and where I wanted to take my surfing, and designed a board to help me do that.
    I am really stoked how smooth it feels on a wave and generates speed easy which is helping with my snaps. It paddles onto waves a lot faster and easier too, helping me catch more waves improving my surfing a lot.
    I really enjoy surfing the green machine. I’ve surfed it every day, sometimes twice a day, since I got it. I look forward to many more 1-DA boards as I progress. You’re stuck with me now Gav!

  42. Mitch

    I purchased a custom BIG J 6′ 6″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ 33.4L from 1-DA four or five months ago. I went from a 6′ 7″ more of a rounded pin to a bit squarer. I wanted something that was a little looser and would hold into the pocket. And something with a heavier glass job to last, as there’s a lot of rocks where I mostly surf. The waves I mostly surf are around head high but have had a day up to 5ft or so. Enjoying the board. Holds in well. I’ve had a couple I’ve taken off on that I didn’t think I’d make the section on but did and have managed to pull into a few pockets for a quick cover up. I’m finding it easier to bring it all the way round when cutting back or coming off the top, able to whip it back around out of the pocket where before I was coming out of the turn with more a faded bottom turn or off the bottom of the wash. Mainly been surfing lefts but had a few fast rights and the board kept up and have managed to vert on a couple (but ate it on one!). I can also get a lot of speed when driving off the bottom of a wave. All and all, very happy and would not hesitate to recommend a board from 1-DA!

  43. Dawson Tamati

    I’ve been working with Gavin on my past few boards, and my latest 1-DA ELITE is my best ever board yet. Gavin customized it perfectly to my ugly but interesting style and abnormally shaped body and oddly large head. I’m stoked with it. Hooked on having good boards now and am slowly building up a dream 1-DA quiver.

  44. J-Rod

    After riding the Cub for a couple months, I wasn’t sure how THE ELITE would feel. The Cub already felt like ‘an elite’ surfboard! My first surf on my custom ELITE (which arrived on Xmas Day), my friend (a very good surfer himself) was filming and he commented my turns were looking noticeably bigger, and that it looked like I was not surfing the board to its capacity, while on my Cub I had been. This probably sums it up best: It feels like the only limitations when surfing my ELITE is myself! It feels like I’m on a board any of the world’s best would appreciate. No disrespect to The Cub, I still go back to The Cub when the waves are soft/weak/fat as it seems to generate a bit more speed in flat sections. I actually won my national title on The Cub in long soft reform waves.

  45. Liliana

    All I can say is “I love it!”. I got a CUB for my 10th birthday and love this board. Gav spent time designing it with me and Nikki helped customise the Inlayz. It looks unreal and goes even better. Dad said it would take me a while to get used to it but I loved it from my first surf! Dad thinks Gav is a magician as he can hide foam in all the right places for us kids, yet have a board that is super responsive. Thanks guys.

  46. Pottsy

    I got a custom ELITE to take to Latitude Zero in the Telo Islands. I rode it for 2 weeks for solid 6-8hrs a day over there. The board went absolutely insane. It performed in all conditions. It’s my go to board. Stoked! If you’re always looking for that board to take you to the next level, this is that board. Thanks Gav.

  47. Luke Hutchison

    Thank you so much. Epic. Pure love for the board (custom CHEATER 5′ 6″). Goes so good. Love your work. Thank you.

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