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1-DA What It Feels Like?

My epoxy (MASS DESTRUCTION model in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy tech) goes so sick, it’s so much fun in the small and choppy surf, it’s so easy to gain speed on small waves.

1-DA Grom, Matty Boyle

Thanks 1-DA for my 2nd CUB.

So stoked with the board! I have more confidence in my turns and it’s so easy to pick off waves!
My trip to Sumatra was sick and the fresh board was unreal in all conditions!

Can’t wait to step up to the Mass Destruction. Yeeeeewww.

 Sam Wilkinson

Joel is absolutely thrilled with his new 1-DA board (THE CUB). His surfing has improved and is surfing with greater confidence too. Thanks to 1 DA for doing such a great job of his board.


My MASS DESTRUCTION feels amazing under my feet. The Mass Destruction is my favourite board because it’s faster and more responsive. It has improved my surfing heaps. I feel so much more confident with my surfing since I’ve been on this board and have had better results in competitions. Thanks Gav and Nikki for another great board.


I tried the board (SEMI GUN) today for the first time. Loved it!! It is exactly what I was looking for. Paddles really well and sticks to the face of the wave. It felt great. Gav did a great job!


I have surfed the board (MISTRESS) about 6 times now, in shit surf, good Snapper and good conditions at the Alley. Love the board. It has really good release through the tail. Still feeling it out, but very impressed. Thank you for being so in tune with your passion.


Thanks Gav & Nikki, Kai is absolutely loving his new board … 1-DA 5’0 CUB!! We appreciate that Gav gave us a lot of his time, getting to know where Kai’s level of surfing was at, to ensure that we ended up with exactly the right dimensions. Kai ended up with a board which will allow him to progress & develop his surfing & we will no doubt be back again, once he has outgrown this beauty! Thanks again

Michael Green, Dad to 7 y.o. Kai

Hey there Nikki and Gavin,

I took the board (THE ELITE) out with a broken wrist because I am impatient, ha ha. Right from when I hopped on it, it felt so smooth moving through the water.

It wasn’t until yesterday that I really got to test out what the board was capable of.

I can happily say that until yesterday I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A GOOD SURF! THIS BOARD RIPS!





🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


I haven’t set foot on any of my other boards since I got the HYPO. The board is ridiculously good, surfed the point overhead today on it and it felt incredible. Very very impressed and feeling challenged as it’s made me rewire my style. Thank you. I am on cloud 9 right now. Super energized from my surf this arvo.


As people say to me “I cannot believe some of the manoeuvres you are doing at the age of 12”. All I can say is the board (MASS DESTRUCTION) feels that amazing and helps me push my surfing next level. Good times ahead.

 1-DA Grom, Matt Boyle

Since being on the new model MASS DESTRUCTION (in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy tech), I have achieved some great results with my competition surfing. The board has helped me get more vertical in turns, and create some great lines with an amazing rail outline. It also allows me to make sections that any normal board doesn’t. This board gives me confidence in any type of surf.

1-DA Grom, Josh Boyle

Loving my custom J-FORCE! I’ve had it for a few months now and my surfing is finally progressing to that next level. I expected the board to be fast but I didn’t expect it to also be so stable. I have so much more control than I’ve ever had before while keeping heaps of speed! Gavin was also really easy to communicate with and I could tell he really cared about making a board that was perfect for me. Thanks Gav.

 Jude Stevens

The 1-DA CLASSIC, what a great addition to my longboard quiver! It nose rides for ever and handles like a dream, with those smooth lines and the custom pintail, it’s loose and snappy! A CLASSIC point break longboard.

 Garry Farrell

My MASS DESTRUCTION is really light and fast under my feet and gives me good drive off the bottom of the wave. It feels faster than my other boards.


I recently upgraded my board, from the cub to the grom MASS DESTRUCTION. I immediately felt a significant improvement in my surfing. I found it was easier to manoeuvre in smaller conditions and even better handling in bigger conditions. My turns feel sharper and it is great on the rail. The board is extremely reactive and has boosted my confidence in the surf.

Jackson Skinner

I was on the cub and it was a really good board. If you feel that your surfing is ready to go to the next level then jump onto the MASS DESTRUCTION. It is more of a high-performance board and I love it. Thanks Gav.


When I discussed with Gav what I wanted in my new board, I told him I wanted a board that felt familiar but would let me get more out of my performance … and that’s exactly how my new SHURIKEN in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy tech feels. It suits my style and I can already feel the board letting me push harder than my previous boards. After being out of the water for almost a year, I’m hanging to surf this board as much as I can. Thanks guys.


I love my 1-DA board (THE CUB). I’ve won a few Boardrider’s comps and I went in the Barney Miller Classic with it. It is very fast and it turns good. My favourite trick is a grab rail cut back. Everyone comments on the light blue colour. I love my board and I can’t wait to get another one to add to my collection!

 Zeb Fairhurst, South West Rocks

My 1-DA board (THE CUB) is so sick! I love every wave on it. After every wave, I’m heaps pumped to get back out the back. I love my 1-DA board and love surfing on it even more. Thanks Gav and Nikki.

Brynn Fairhurst 

Thanks heaps for my round tail CUB, it goes sooo good. It’s really easy to paddle and I’m catching so many more waves and able the get on the wave super early. I’m loving the speed through my turns and the speed out of my turns, it’s crazy.

It feels nice and stable under my feet and really responsive with heaps of control, I can put it where I want to. I’ve been riding it in 1ft onshore beach breaks though to 5ft offshore points, so much fun.

The glassing is really strong and with my custom spray, looks epic too.

Gavin and Nikki are really easy to talk to and are so helpful. I’m super stoked to be riding a 1-DA Shapes surfboard and would highly recommend 1-DA to anyone.

Natasha Gouldsbury, 12yo grommet, Levin, New Zealand

The 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY has ramped up my performance for sure. Being a big fan of the ELITE model, I found it hard to get off this even when the waves were soft and small. And if I did change models, I would get more speed however I couldn’t surf in the pocket as well. Going EPOXY on my ELITEs has opened up a whole new world. The flex pattern in them gives them a whole new feel and vibrancy that I can’t explain. Basically I can surf my EPOXY ELITE with more speed than ever in full grovel surf and I can surf it in pumping surf and it goes equally as well! My surfing has got faster, more flow and I’m loading up my bottom turns and rail turns more which equals more speed coming out of them into the next turn. I’ve got some of my friends on Gavin’s EPOXY boards too and they are super stoked on the extra performance!

1-DA Team Rider J-ROD 

This is the second lot of custom CUB boards that Gav and Nikki have hooked me up with and the first time I’ve tried the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY. I’m loving how light they are and the speed generated down the line. They can help bring out the best in your ability and look sick too. I’ll be back for more once I’ve out grown these sticks. Thanks heaps.

Jay Robbo

I love my new 1-DA CUB 5’0 surfboard. It feels perfect for me and since I have been riding my CUB, my coach has seen an improvement in my snaps and cutbacks which is exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks Gav and Nikki for making my transition to a 5’0 a smooth one.

Pipi Bunker 

My 5′ 3″ custom ELITE board goes really well. Super fast and responsive. Been getting some sick waves lately, from up north at Gnaraloo and around Perth. It goes sick. Can’t fault it so far and I’ve ridden it in a variety of waves thus far from 4 foot plus reef breaks down to a 1 foot beach break grovel. I like the low boxy rail and continuous gradual rocker with its kind of “low key” tail rocker giving it a loose but driving feeling off the bottom with responsiveness off the top. I ride the Elite with small future fins model JJF which I think is a great combo. I would be happy to recommend this board to anyone chasing a new board.


Jay has been loving the board (CUB) you guys made him. When I asked him how the board was, his reply was “Oh the board goes so good”. Very technical, ha ha. It has definitely helped his surfing improve and has definitely given him more confidence with his surfing.

Brett, Jay’s Dad 

From start to finish, dealing with Nikki and the team from 1-DA has been a great experience. They were professional and thorough when it came to creating the perfect custom board for my son. He absolutely loves his CUB 5’ 4” and I would highly recommend anyone wanting a custom made board to go see these guys. Thanks heaps again for making Phoenix one happy kid!


My custom CUB is going amazing. On small waves I can generate speed and on the bigger sets I drive down the line easy. The design is awesome. I LOVE IT!!!


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