Pic of CHEZ by Ethan Smith.

CHEZ is the 2019 Under 14 Boys State Champion and 2018/2019 Rip Curl GromSearch 12 & Under Boys National Champion.

CHEZ rides the MASS DESTRUCTION in PU construction.


Hi, my name is CHEZ and I live on Burleigh Point on the Gold Coast.

I’ve been surfing since I was 8 years old.

I was born on 20 December 2006.

I’m a goofy footer.

My magic stick is my 5’ 3” MASS DESTRUCTION in PU.

My training ground is Burleigh Point, Miami, D’bah and North Burleigh.

My favourite wave is Restaurants in Tavarua, Fiji.

My favourite manoeuvres are tail throws, re-entries, snaps and carves.

My favourite food is toasties, carrot cake and banana smoothies.

My favourite past time is skating.

The most important person in my life is my Mum, Dad, little sister and little brother.

My philosophy on life is ‘Just Gonna Send It‘.

I couldn’t live without surfing and the ocean.

My inspirations are Gabriel Medina, Julian Wilson, my Dad and animal welfare crusaders.

My career highlights include:

  • 1st and National Champion, 2018/2019 Rip Curl GromSearch Series, 12 & Under Boys Division.
  • 3rd, 2018 Queensland Series of Rip Curl GromSearch.
  • Semi Finalist, Rip Curl GromSearch South Australia – would have been better if I didn’t miss my heat.
  • 3rd, 2018 Queensland U14 State Titles (Event 2);
  • 5th, U14 2018 Queensland State Title Rankings;
  • 3rd, 2018 Billabong Parko Grom Stomp;
  • Quarter Finalist, 2018 Skull Candy Oz Grom Cup;
  • Quarter Finalist, 2018 Billabong Occy Grom Comp;
  • Selected for Surfing Queensland Regional Talent ID Camp U14’s;
  • Quarter Finalist, 2018 Presidents Cup Burleigh. Open age event so competing against adults. I was the youngest kid to get that far.


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