I tried the board (SEMI GUN) today for the first time. Loved it!! It is exactly what I was looking for. Paddles really well and sticks to the face of the wave. It felt great, tell Gav he did a great job!


Gavin and Nikki,

I have surfed the board (MISTRESS) about 6 times now ,in shit surf, good snapper and good conditions at the alley.

Love the board, has really good release through the tail, still feeling it out, but very impressed, thank you for being so in tune with your passion.


Thanks Gav & Nikki, Kai is absolutely loving his new board… 1-DA 5’0 CUB!! We appreciate that Gav gave us a lot of his time, getting to know where Kai’s level of surfing was at, to ensure that we ended up with exactly the right dimensions. Kai ended up with a board which will allow him to progress & develop his surfing & we will no doubt be back again, once he has outgrown this beauty! Thanks again.

Michael Green, Dad to 7 y.o. Kai

Hey there Nikki and Gavin,
I had to stay out of the water for extra long because i cut the cast off with a pair of hedge trimmers and the wrist was not fully healed. nevertheless i took the board (THE ELITE) out with a broken wrist because I am impatient ha ha. right from when i hoped on it it felt so smooth moving through the water.
It wasn’t until yesterday that I really got to test out what the board was capable of.
I can happily say that until yesterday I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH A GOOD SURF! THIS BOARD RIPS!
🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hi Gav – just want you to know haven’t set foot on any of my other boards since I got the HYPO – the board is ridiculously good, surfed the point overheard today on it and it felt incredible – very very impressed and feeling challenged as it’s made me rewire my style – thank you, I am on cloud 9 right now, super energized from my surf this arvo.


As people say to me “I cannot believe some of the manoeuvres you are doing at the age of 12”. All I can say is the board (MASS DESTRUCTION) feels that amazing and helps me push my surfing next level. Good times ahead.

1-DA Grom, Matt Boyle

Since being on the new model MASS DESTRUCTION (in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy tech) I have achieved some great results with my competition surfing. The board has helped me get more vertical in turns, create some great lines with an amazing rail outline. It also allows me to make sections that any normal board doesn’t. This board gives me confidence in any type of surf.

1-DA Grom, Josh Boyle

Loving my custom J-FORCE! I’ve had it for a few months now and my surfing is finally progressing to that next level. I expected the board to be fast but I didn’t expect it to also be so stable. I have so much more control than I’ve ever had before while keeping heaps of speed! Gavin was also really easy to communicate with and I could tell he really cared about making a board that was perfect for me. Thanks Gav.

Jude Stevens

The new board design (MASS DESTRUCTION) is amazing, goes well through the critical sections and it helps me to be on rail more as well as pushing me to use the rail properly. Its extremely responsive & pushing me to the next level.


The 1-DA CLASSIC, what a great addition to my longboard quiver!. It nose rides for ever and handles like dream, with those smooth lines and the custom pintail it’s loose and snappy!. A CLASSIC point break Longboard.

Garry Farrell

It’s (MASS DESTRUCTION) really light and fast under my feet and gives me good drive off the bottom of the wave. It feels faster than my other boards.


I recently upgraded my board, from the cub to the grom MASS DESTRUCTION. I immediately felt a significant improvement in my surfing. I found it was easier to manoeuvre in smaller conditions and even better handling in bigger conditions. My turns feel sharper and it is great on the rail. The board is extremely reactive and has boosted my confidence in the surf.

Jackson Skinner

I was on the cub and it was a really good board. If you feel that your surfing is ready to go to the next level then jump onto the MASS DESTRUCTION it is more of a high-performance board and I love it. Thanks Gav.


Hi Gav and Niki.. well the time has come to finally write my review! After been out with injury for 11 months I finally got the all clear from the specialist and after 6 months of looking at my new SHURIKEN in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy tech. I finally got to go surfing!! When I discussed with Gav what I wanted in my new board I told him I wanted a board that felt familiar but would let me get more out of my performance.. and that’s exactly how it feels, it suits my style and I can already feel the board letting me push harder than my previous boards. After being out of the water for almost a year I’m hanging to surf this board as much as I can. Thanks guys.


I love my 1-DA board (THE CUB). I’ve won a few boardriders comps and I went in the Barney Miller Classic with it. It is very fast and it does good turns . My favourite trick is a grab rail cut back. Its colour is light blue and everyone comments on it, I love my board and I can’t wait to get another one to add to my collection!

Zeb Fairhurst, South West Rocks

My 1-DA board (THE CUB) is so siick! I love every wave on it. After every wave I’m heaps pumped to get back out the back, I love my 1-DA board and love surfing on it even more. Thanks Gav and Nikki.

Brynn Fairhurst

Hiya Gavin and Nikki

Thanks heaps for my round tail CUB, it goes sooo good… it’s really easy to paddle and I’m catching so many more waves and able the get on the wave super early. I’m loving the speed through my turns and the speed out of my turns, it’s crazy.

It feels nice and stable under my feet and really responsive with heaps of control, I can put it where I want to. I’ve been riding it in 1ft onshore beach breaks though to 5ft offshore points, so much fun…

The glassing is really strong and with my custom spray looks epic too.

Gavin and Nikki are really easy to talk to and are so helpful, I’m super stoked to be riding a 1DA shape and would highly recommend 1DA to anyone.

Natasha Gouldsbury, 12yo grommet, Levin, New Zealand

The 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY has ramped up my performance for sure. Being a big fan of the ELITE model, I found it hard to get off this even when the waves were soft and small. And if I did change models I would get more speed however I couldn’t surf in the pocket as well. Going EPOXY on my ELITEs has opened up a whole new world. The flex pattern in them gives them a whole new feel and vibrancy that I can’t explain. Basically I can surf my EPOXY ELITE with more speed than ever in full grovel surf and I can surf it in pumping surf and it goes equally as well!? My surfing has got faster, more flow and I’m loading up my bottom turns and rail turns more which equals more speed coming out of them into the next turn. I’ve got some of my friends on Gavin’s EPOXY boards too and they are super stoked on the extra performance!

1-DA Team Rider J-ROD

This is the second lot of custom CUB boards that Gav and Nikki have hooked me up with and the first time I’ve tried the 1-DA EXCLUSIVE EPOXY. I’m loving how light they are and the speed generated down the line. They can help bring out the best in your ability and look sick too. I’ll be back for more once I’ve out grown these sticks. Thanks heaps.

Jay Robbo

I love my new 1-DA CUB 5’0 surfboard. It feels perfect for me and since i have been riding my CUB my coach has seen an improvement in my snaps and cutbacks which is exactly what i wanted to do. Thanks Gav and Nikki for making my transition to a 5’0 a smooth one.

Pipi Bunker

My 5’3″ custom ELITE board goes really well, super fast and responsive, been getting some sick waves lately, from up north at Gnaraloo and around Perth, it goes sick. Can’t fault it so far and I’ve ridden it in a variety of waves thus far from 4 foot plus reef breaks down to a 1 foot beach break grovel. I like the low boxy rail and continuous gradual rocker with its kind of “low key” tail rocker giving it a loose but driving feeling off the bottom with a responsiveness off the top. I ride the Elite with small future fins model JJF which I think is a great combo. I would be happy to recommend this board to anyone chasing a new board.


Jay has been loving the board you guys made him. When I asked him how the board was his reply was “Oh the board goes so good”. Very technical ha ha. The 1-DA CUB had definitely helped his surfing improve and has definitely given him more confidence with his surfing.

Brett, Jay’s Dad

What Can I Say If Ya Wana Go Surfin Grab Ya A CHEATER 1-Da Surfboard It Goez Off It Got Me Back In To The Surf Thanx Gav Fully Stoked With My 6.2.

Quinn Knuckey

From start to finish dealing with Nikki and the team from 1DA has been a great experience. They were professional and thorough when it came to creating the perfect custom board for my son. He absolutely loves his CUB 5’ 4” and I would highly recommend anyone wanting a custom made board to go see these guys. Thanks heaps again for making Phoenix one happy kid!


My custom CUB is going amazing. On small waves I can generate speed and on the bigger sets I drive down the line easy. The design is awesome. I LOVE IT !!!


Best board I have ridden (DUB T in the 1-DA Exclusive Epoxy tech) …… and I have had a few. Epoxy is awesome. Using Al Merrick FCS 2 twins fins with stabiliser. Board is loose but in control…… riding a 5’9 with 5’10 dims. Sign of a good board is when it glides in early…. which this does. Great board.


Love it!! I have been having so much fun on THE CUB. The board is super fast and it feels like I can generate more power in my turns with the board. It turns really well which is great.

Ethan Eshuys

It’s just easy to surf.


Just bought a new MISTRESS, such a high performance longboard, absolutely flies when you give it a pump and turns really well with the rounded tail. Holds in really well when noseriding. If you’re after a board like this, I advise call Gav as he knows how to make a board to bring that froth to your surfing yeww✌

Josh Banks

Hi Gav, Aliza had a great surf tonight on her new board. She really connected with it. It looks really nice under her feet. She said it is the best board she has ever had. She came in and gave it a big kiss and said her surfing felt so good.

Aliza’s Dad

I love my Elite. I’ve been riding it in all sort of conditions and the little board goes bananas.
It paddles well, very responsive and loves a pocket.
Thanks Gavs and Nikki and I can’t wait to get another one with a few tweeks.


I purchased a custom Big J , 6’6″ x 19 5/8″ x 2 1/2″ x 33.4 lts, from 1-DA 4-5 months ago. Went from a 6’7″ more of a rounded pin to a bit squarer as in the photo. I wanted something that was a little looser and would hold into the pocket; something with a heavier glass job to last, as there’s a lot of rocks where I mostly surf. The waves I have surfing have been mostly around head high but have had a day up to 5 ft or so. Haven’t got any photos of me surfing but see the couple of photos of the wave I’ve been surfing most, it’s 3 ft or so and pretty crowded, eh 🙂 Enjoying the board, holds in well, I’ve slid or dropped into a few a dicey ones a bit sideways and have caught my rail no worries. Had a couple I’ve taken off on that I didn’t think I’d make the section on but did and have managed to pull into a few pockets for a quick cover up. Finding it easier to bring it all the way round when cutting back or coming off the top, able to whip it back around out of the pocket where before I was coming out of the turn with more a faded bottom turn or off the bottom of the wash. Mainly been surfing lefts but had a few fast rights the board kept up with and have managed to vert on a couple (but ate it on one!). Can also get a lot of speed when driving of the bottom of a wave. All and all, very happy and would not hesitate to recommend a board from 1-DA!


My go-to high performance board (THE ELITE), the thing flies. Responsive when i put the foot down, sturdy when i take off and light when i want to take to the air. This board gives me the confidence that i need to take me to the next chapter of my surfing. Every day gets better. Thanks Gav x

Claire Bevilacqua

Thanks Gav for my first custom 1-DA CUB, it was the best Christmas present ever! I liked how you wanted to know how I surfed and where I wanted to take my surfing and designed a board to help me do that.
I am really stoked how smooth it feels on a wave and generates speed easy which is helping with my snaps. It paddles onto waves a lot faster and easier too helping me catch more waves improving my surfing a lot.
I really enjoy surfing the green machine, I’ve surfed it everyday sometimes twice a day since I got it. I look forward to many more 1-DA boards as I progress, you’re stuck with me now Gav!

Charli (11yo)

The boys are loving the boards (THE CUB models). They have said that they are awesome. That they are smooth and fast and easy to turn. They are enjoying them a lot.

Charlie & Owen’s Mum

I love THE ELITE. My brother loves his too. My mates like riding my board. It’s the fastest and most responsive board I’ve ridden. I can beat sections I wouldn’t usually beat and make every turn. I’ll be taking this board to Bali this July. I wouldn’t ride anything else!

Mackenzie Logan

My CUB board not only looks unreal, it goes even better. Gav sat down with me and helped work out what I needed. Its so easy to duck dive but still catches plenty of waves. It has helped me do well at Board-riders this year. I love it and am off to Fiji soon with the family to test it out on reef breaks. Wish me luck!


The board (THE CUB) is going so good! I love it thanks heaps!

Lachlan Edwards

My latest ELITE and SHURIKEN are great, works for me!!


Been working with Gavin my past few boards, and my latest 1-DA ELITE is my best ever board yet. Gavin customized it perfectly to my ugly but interesting style and abnormally shaped body and oddly large head. I’m stoked with it. Hooked on having good boards now and am slowly building up a dream 1-DA quiver.

Dawson Tamati

I am absolutely loving the board (THE CUB). By far the best board I’ve ridden! It is great in all conditions and is super fun. I definitely recommend 1-DA to anyone thinking of buying a board. I love the board and will save up to buy another one.


The board (J-FORCE) works fantastic. Extremely fast off the bottom. It seems to slingshot to the lip. Something I never experienced. Took awhile to get use to actually. Very loose off the top as well yet still easy to control. Extremely fast as well. Really handles well in overhead surf. Loving it!

Mark Becker

I love my two boards (THE ELITE and the SEMI GUN), they are so fast and responsive. When I got to my feet, it was like going on a magic carpet ride, gave me confidence to take on any wave that came my way. THE ELITE 6’ 5” went off, loved tube riding and power turns in the pocket. The SEMI GUN 6’ 10” was legendary. Needed to have bigger waves, maybe 10-15 foot. Thanks Gavin, sick boards man. Wahoo.

Brent “Hench” Hutchieson

1-DA custom CUB has been so much fun, really taking me to the next level, can’t wait to order my next board, 1-DA for life, thanks Gav.

Jarrah Potts (9 y.o.)

The SHURIKEN is going really good, especially in the small conditions with the epoxy! It fits in those small pockets and just floats through the flat sections.

Dale Staples

Ya, I’m really loving the board (THE ELITE) feels so good. For me it’s really quick off the top and gives a lot of drive into and out of turns! I prefer riding it on the points but flies in all kinds of running waves from 2 to 6 feet. Really good for airs! Perfect all rounder 👌

Davey Van Zyl

The CUB is perfect, it is helping me to perform good in my competitions.


I love THE CUB, it’s the fastest board I’ve ever owned. I just got back from surfing Sumbawa and the CUB held its line and speed in 2 foot sketchy Lakey, to 6 foot groomed Periscopes and 7 foot chunky Nunga’s. THE CUB is what I wanna paddle out on anytime and every time.


Once again Gav has made me a killer of a board!!! “THE CLASSIC” is everything you want it to be for a logger. With the nose concave through to the 50/50 rails, it basically wants you to go for maximum Tip Time, ’cause once you’re up there you will basically live up there!!! Your next board should definitely be “THE CLASSIC”.

Aaron Banks

Sorry it has taken so long to give you an update on Milla’s new CUB, but we just can’t jag the right waves for Milla to get a true appreciation of her new board. Last weekend was the day for Milla when everything came together for her. She surfed at Greenmount on Saturday and we saw some amazing improvement and it was as if everything just clicked. Then on Sunday she competed in a club round at the Alley Boardriders Club Day. She won her two heats and then came second in the U10 Final.

The best thing was that Milla came out of the water pumped and ready for more action on her new CUB.

So thank you very much and I’m sure we’ll cross paths again as Milla continues to develop her love of surfing.

Milla’s Dad

It’s been a few weeks and still to this day haven’t had a bad surf on my SHURIKEN. It’s the most amazing board I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding and haven’t had a magic board like this in all my years of surfing and that’s the truth, thanks so much once again! You’re making it incredibly hard to get behind the lens these days.

Dane Staples

The board (THE CUB) is going so good, I love it to bits.


I’ve been riding the 5’8 DUB T & loving it! This twin fin is going so very good. I am hoping to use it in the upcoming masters next week.

Chip, BeachStreet Surf Shop

I started off with buying a board (THE ELITE) off the 1-DA rack and I have had so many great rides from making out of fast tubes to whacking sloppy washes. So then I bought another board which was a 5’8 fish (DUB T) and at this moment I can finally enjoy crappy small conditions. Two great boards and from two great people. Thank you Nikki and Gavin.

Beau Eastman

Got the 5″4″ BUZZINGA. Surfs well from tiny to overhead. Fastest board for smaller surf. Getting more waves then ever. Will be getting more boards from 1 Da.Thanks 🙂


The board (THE CUB) has been going great for me. It was a little bit ‘boaty’ for me at first but once I got used to changing my stance it was sweet. The glass job has been pretty strong so far and isn’t too heavy which is good being a 4x6x4.

Jarrad Collier

I just got out from surfing THE ELITE at Snapper, the board was absolutely fantastic, exactly what I was hoping for! It got plenty of speed, it was responsive and held its line great. It was really good on top to bottom vertical re-entries. Every now and then you ride a board for the first time and it feels magic, that was one of those boards.

There was one minor down fall and I stress it was minor, it was a little slow to paddle in general however, there was no problem getting into waves. As soon as the hit the back of the board it instantly picked up speed and away it went.

In terms of other boards I’ve ridden I’d say it went similar to the DHD DX1’s I’ve owned maybe slightly better…


After riding the Cub for a couple months, I wasn’t sure how THE ELITE would feel. THE CUB already felt like ‘an elite’ surfboard! My first surf on my custom ELITE (which arrived on Xmas Day), my friend (a very good surfer himself) was filming and he commented my turns were looking noticeably bigger, and that it looked like I was not surfing the board to its capacity, while on my CUB I had been. This probably sums it up best: It feels like the only limitations when surfing my ELITE is myself! It feels like I’m on a board any of the world’s best would appreciate. No disrespect to THE CUB, I still go back to THE CUB when the waves are soft/weak/fat, as THE CUB seems to generate a bit more speed in flat sections. I actually won my national title on THE CUB in long soft reform waves.


Both boards (THE MULTI and THE CUB) are awesome however my 5′ 10 1/2 Cub is my go to board, it is so easy to manoeuver, I feel like it is a great all rounder board and my surfing keeps improving every time I get on it. I love every minute on it. So grateful, thanks Gavin.


Gavin, THE ELITE is everything I wanted, responsive in my turns, it’s a primo all-rounder shape! Well worth talking to a shaper who knows his dimensions. Cheers 1-DA crew. Stoked to be riding ya board 👊 👌


All I can say is “I love it!” I got a CUB for my 10th birthday and love this board. Gav spent time designing it with me and Nikki helped customised the inlayz – it looks unreal and goes even better. Dad said it would take me a while to get used to it, but I loved it from my first surf! Dad thinks Gav is a magician as he can hide foam in all the right places for us kids yet have a board that is super responsive. Thanks guys.


Thanks Gavin I am totally happy with my MULTI, I put my faith in 1 DA shapes to make me a board based on very little info just my preferred volume, the waves I usually surf and the boards I am currently ridding. After chatting to Gav I felt really confident that he understood what I wanted. Having not specified any dimensions I couldn’t wait to see what he had shaped for me. Gav you’ve hit the nail on the head with this one, cheers and thanks for a great board.

Ben Orchard

Hi Gav, Maaaaaate, me SHURIKEN is unbelievable dude … it’s really responsive on me back hand and super fast! Buddy I just wanna ride right handers now, lol … wicked Gav, thanks brada! … mean boards Gav, what can I say buddy, super stoked! Yeeeeooow … p.s what’s next …hehe

Johnmichael Noble

Got a custom ELITE to take to Latitude Zero in the Telo Islands. Rode it for 2 weeks solid 6-8hrs a day over there. Board went absolutely insane. Performed in all conditions. It’s my go to board. Stoked! Always looking for that board to take you to the next level, this is that board. Thanks Gav.


I absolutely love my new board (BIG J), it’s amazing!!!

Jamie Hooper

Riding one of these temporarily till my customs arrive. This is actually Zhana’s new board (THE CUB) Gav made for her, but I had to ‘claim’ ownership off her because I liked it so much when I tried it at the Demo Day in Taranaki! Have been surfing this and only this in small, medium and larger waves. It’s only a 5’8 but it holds in well in everything. I’ve often found it hard to get a board that feels good laying into forehand bottom turns, but this one achieves that nicely.

Basically just feels like a super high performance all-rounder, and have got another CUB being made along with 2 x Elite models… can’t wait!


Scored a 5’8″ BUZZINGA a few months ago and loved it from day one. Super fun board for smaller mushy waves but holds its own in bigger surf and loves mid size low tide point breaks on a quad set up. The volume is spot on and I am catching more waves with less paddle than ever before which has made it my go-to board lately. Gav and Nikki are super awesome and will help you with any questions, tech advice or extra gear you might need. Thanks guys.


Hi Gav, funnest board (THE CHEATER) I’ve ever owned, especially with the couple of extra litres in the 5″10. Thanks again. I’m sure I’ll see you soon.


Hi Gav, This review is on behalf of Holly. She loves the new board (THE CUB). This being her second CUB in a matter of months from a 5″7 to the 5″2 , I’m blown away with what it has done for her surfing. The coach and the boards of course have been spot on. Cheers mate.

Ben (on behalf of Holly)

Hi Gav. The board (J-FORCE) goes unreal, wouldn’t change a thing. Cheers.


I love my CUB Designed Surfboards and have been riding both of them competitively and for sheer pleasure since October 2014.

They are great in all conditions, small onshore waves, point breaks, big surf days and everything in between.

They are great competitive boards. Just recently I won an International Competition, The Melanesian Indigenous Cup, Open Women’s and Under 18 Women’s divisions in New Caledonia. Where I represented Aotearoa, New Zealand. I also have heaps of other finals and placings on my CUB Design Boards.

These boards are super easy to turn, excellent for snaps, cut backs, re-entry’s and floaters. Easy to stall into a barrel and you can generate incredible speed on one.

It is extremely light weight compared to most other boards, floats above whilst paddling making it much easier to catch waves and paddle out.

CUB Designed Surfboards hold well in gnarly waves and are very easy control. CUB Design is my favourite design of surfboard.

My boards have awesome graphics and a stunning appearance that are often complimented.

I am looking forward to continued competition success on my CUB Design Boards and just having an awesome time enjoying surfing on these great boards in any conditions.

Zhana Hutchieson, 1-DA Grom

The boards (THE ELITE & J-FORCE) were awesome. I couldn’t be happier.

Zane Hicks

Thanks for the great board (THE ELITE) Gav. I had a chance to get out this morning for the first few turns and didn’t realise how much my old board was holding me back, the 1-DA goes great. I can’t wait to get in some Snapper juice to really open it up. Thanks again.

Glenn Robinson

The board (THE ELITE) is so good!! I’ve never ridden anything like it before. I’m so stoked!! Thank you very much for making such a nice board for me!!


Honestly it’s the best mal (MISTRESS) I have ever ridden!!!

Aaron Banks, Coopers Surf

The board (THE CUB) is going great, it’s really loose, easy to turn and paddle and does exactly what you want to do. It’s definitely the best board I’ve ridden and my next board will definetly be a 1-DA. Thanks so much! Yewww.

Luke Pearce, 1-DA Competition Winner

I am absolutely loving the MULTI… Gets me motivated to surf when the waves are terrible…. So good having the 5 fin option and i have been preferring the Quad option when its really small. Gav is so good and listening to feed back and translating it into his boards.

Jack Perry, MODOM (talking about one of his 1-DA quiver boards)

Hey gav so sick loving it (THE MULTI) at the moment goes really great in big surf and in little surf it goes super fast doesn’t spin out I have lots of control over it but over all sooooo sick thanks gav

Sonny Rapira-Martin

The 5’9 (ELITE) was in its element today Gavin Upson rounded pin loves the super sucky barrels ‘stoked’!

Owen Jenkins

I love my SHURIKEN, heaps of speed, great on rail. Epic board!

Chris Wilkes (talking about his 2nd 1-DA board)

Thank you so much, epic, pure love for the board (custom CHEATER 5′ 6″), goes so good, love ya work, thank you

Luke Hutchison (1-DA Shapes 2014 FB Comp Winner)

Thanks Gav from 1-DA Shapes for an awesome surfboard (THE ELITE). Exactly what I was after and the glassed in fins give a feel of response I was looking for. Great speed out of turns and fast off the top. Anyone looking for a new board I highly recommend giving Gav and the team a call. Thanks again mate.


Hi Gav – just wanted to let you know mate that the J-FORCE you made me is the best stick I have ever ridden. It is super fast down the line and is also so solid under my feet through my turns. It is totally improved my short board surfing. Next will have to be a performance Mal so I can keep up with my short board surfing – I think I need a Mistress!!!!
Love your work buddy.


Stoked with the shape and the high quality of finish thanks Gavin. For the sake of kneeism and kneelos everywhere I’ve just surfed my new 1-Da board at stent tonight in some pretty decent waves . It would have to be one of the most responsive board’s I’ve ever ridden speed power and flow . Cheers Gavin


THE CUB is easy to turn so I am able to do big cutbacks and snaps. Helps me catch waves easier because its so easy to paddle. So much faster than any other board I have had. I am so happy to have a 1da. Gav is such a good shaper and THE CUB has helped me heaps with my surfing.


Finally got my BIG J wet ……………lucky me the ship is docked in Palau, and it was 7-8 foot at west passage on my day off…………life is great, thanks for an amazing board, worked great on my first day out even though i never surfed a reef break before.

Kevin O Keeffe

Hi Gav, loving my BIG J, you nailed it, exactly what I was after, ideal in mid to overhead ++ waves. And THE MULTI is ideal for small to medium waves. Thanks mate.


Speed to burn on the ELITE model guys. So forgiving through turns but still plenty of drive going in and out of turns. Solid underfoot, catching waves (too easy), likes to fly if you’re down with that. Total all round sick stick. Loving my 1DA ELITE. Yewwww


The 1-DA Elite. Oh are you kidding me!!! That’s what I’m saying to myself every time I paddle back out. I’m doing turns I haven’ t done in years and some I’ve never done. So responsive, so much flow, so clean and the best release off the top. Had 1 month surfing the Elite and I think this could be the best board I’ve ever had. Could not be happier, thanks so much Gavin and Nikki for the most personalized service I’ve ever had ordering boards. Been so inspired that I’ve started competing again. Look out groms I’m back!!!

Owen Crockett

Totally lives up to the name. Definitely a multi-purpose board! Got a MULTI 6’0″ couple of days ago and finally rode it today. The surf was really small about 1-1.5+ ft at the most. I was thinking that I should probably use my other small wave specialist in my quiver but I really wanted to take her out for a spin being a new board and all. So stoked and surprised, caught quite a few waves with this magic stick! Can’t wait for the surf to pick up. After today, I can only picture how she’ll handle the more powerful waves. The board has definitely got a really nice balance between agility and stability. One word: perfect. Thanks Gavo!


My new 1-DA Shapes board (ELITE) I got before my latest trip to the Ments worked amazing. Only rode it as a quad set up the whole time and it went amazing. Rode it all day out this right and it was super fast and unreal in smooth conditions. Can’t wait to give it a run out the point when I get the courage to put a wetsuit on again. Thanks again Gav and also Corey Ziems for organising it.

Matt Jones

Just rode my new 5’10 J-FORCE for the first time… As soon as the first ride began I knew the board had a lot to offer. After 3 waves I decided it is the best board I have ever owned. Can’t wait to surf it again. Thanks heaps Gavin Upson for the time and energy spend to refine the design.. Unreal.!

Chris Wilkes

Thank you for the awesome board Gavin. (CUB 4′ 7″) I had my first surf on it today. It’s great. It’s sooooooo fast. I did a lay back cut back. It’s amazing.

Cheeky Monkey

I rode the MULTI in a bowly head high left in Fiji and it went insane!!! I was blown away by how fast it went and it felt unreal on rail through carves as a quad. Super super stoked!!

My ELITE went insane at south d bah next to the sand spit. Really happy with how the board felt. The surf was fun head high with some punch. The board felt really fast and drivey. The only thing about the elite that felt different was the stability. Its much quicker and more responsive than my boards, which maybe something I’ll want to adjust myself to. Would love to order more boards.


Had my first surf on my CHEATER 5’6 this morning. Got me frothing on the little reform wave of “boiler’s”. The board went really well, Loose & Forgiving with Loads of float. fin set up was thruster, but going to change to quad ASAP. Super fun board can’t wait to surf it again.


Heat win at Kirra Teams Challenge today in perfect pumping Snapper. Stoked on the new J-FORCE craft I picked up just 2 days ago, it’s sick. It’s so fast, feels electrifying. Combo’d the heat score, it’s been a while since that happened… Need to get myself another 1-DA board in my quiver!


Howsit Gavin! Amped to have your boards under my feet again! I just picked up my boards and they feel amazing! Thanks so much! I surfed the MULTI and it feels really good!! And the waves were pretty shitty! Going to save the J-FORCE for when it gets better! Update – the J-FORCE is going really good!!

Dale Staples

Just got my new J-FORCE 1-DA board and love it! Been awhile since I’ve had a board feel so good under my feet from the first wave. Looks like there may be magic in this one! Thanks so much Gav.


Best board (ELITE) I have had in years! Fast, responsive and no hiccups! Exactly what I was after. Thanks Gav

Wade Ziems

Hey Gav, thanks for the boards mate. Rode the MULTI a few times already down south and you nailed it!


Took my CHEATER 5′ 6″ for the first surf today. Man, that board is FAST! It really feels like you’re cheating – other surfers kept looking at me like ‘Are you catching another wave?’


The CUB has really helped me improve my surfing, it’s fast, easy to do turns, I feel like I have so much control of the board , it does what I want it to do, it is responsive. Love it!

Josh Boyle

Took that 5’ 11” J-FORCE out at Burleigh today. The thing goes unreal. Two thumbs up!


J-FORCE is really responsive and fast, carves good. It goes mental.


The CLASSIC is brilliant!! It’s helping me take my long boarding to a new level. It’s solid and smooth. I’m enjoying it in all sorts of conditions. Great blend of old and new and really loving it.

Rob – SA early morning warrior

Hey Gav. Took my J-FORCE out today, worked like a charm! Its so light under my feet, made it really easy to throw around. Got thrown into a nice little barrel out at palmy, i did a late drop and closed my eyes thinking i was going to bail but dropped through the roof opened my eyes and was flying down inside the wave. It held really well. My mate was frothing at the build of the board he loved it and while i had the board sitting on the grass a bloke was leaving the shower, stopped by the board and had a good admire. Couldnt be more happier mate!

Josh, Palm Alley

My new 5′ 5″ CHEATER is great. It doesn’t nose-dive like my other board.

Reef (10 years old)

Love my new 5′ 0″ CHEATER. It is so much fun Gavin. I go surfing every day now. I even started doing turns during my first session. I really love surfing now.

Sea-Jay (7 years old)

I was in Newcastle for the Australian Surfing University Games these last few days, I reached the quarter finals. I surfed the J-FORCE in every heats and had really good feelings. This board is so fast and light so you can make crazy turns with it! I really enjoy surfing this board!


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